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Friday, 15 July 2011

Amazing Shanghai Part 2

 The small underground train transporting passengers from the Bund Area across to Pudong area.
Radisson Hotel
Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.
Shanghai Urban Planning Center.
Anita Mui
Bruce Lee
The building on the left with a sign board lies a Halal restaurant.
A Halal restaurant located in a building along Nanjing Walk.
In a taxi back to hotel.
Clockwise : At the top is Breaded salted Chicken strips, Egg Noodle with Kailan and Cod fish coated with Bread Crumbs.
Walking along Nanjing Pedestrian Mall is like walking along Orchard Road from Far East Plaza, up to Plaza Singapura. That's how far it is. As i was getting hungry along the way, i chance upon a Halal restaurant in a nearby building tucked away in an alley. I don't know what the restaurants name was as it's written in Chinese. I asked the receptionist for any Halal verification and she gladly told me that this restaurant was certified Halal. When i entered, the place was filled with Islamic wordings and to my relief, i saw a Halal certificate framed on the wall of the cashier. An auntie came over to me and handed me the menu and i was appalled that all the menu was written in Chinese. So i had to point out the dishes that i wanted. I only ordered three items, Egg Noodles, Breaded Salted Chicken and Cod fish Coated with bread crumbs. The total meal costs me only RMB 132, which in Singapore dollars costs me $24. Not a bad price. Hailed a cab and went back to my hotel to have lunch. Getting around in a cab in Shanghai is quite horrible too, especially during peak hours. You're gonna get stuck in a jam on a highway for sure. The cabs have been installed with screens with a small window for customers to pay the cabby. This is to prevent theft or provoking the taxi driver. Also they have a 8 inch LCD screen with info about Shanghai and mini games for passengers to use.
Shanghai Public Bus services. Doors to the right side of the buses.
Jin Mao Tower.
Oriental TV Tower in the background.
Flat noodles with mince chicken and diced carrots and celery
Szechuan style chicken with herbs, potato, carrots and chai sim
Finally found a muslim halal stall owned by Uighurs along Henan South road.
This shop is small and occupies only 20 people max.
Menu on the wall
The owner of the shop in white with songkok and his wife looking towards camera. Lovely people.
After 3 days of roaming around Shanghai, my last day was a bit relaxed as i explored the night scene around Shanghai. The pace of life in Shanghai is fast paced and everybody seems to walk around fast. And not to mention, cycle too. Went around the Oriental TV tower and took some night shots and the Jin Mao Tower too. Unfortunately, the Bund area was cordoned off as they were doing renovations for the 2010 World Expo. It was cooling during the night, but stuffy and hot during the day. Shanghai is famously known as 'The Paris Of the East'. Soon my tummy hungers for food. As i was walking along Henan South Road, i saw a small shop at the junction of a 2 storey building. I thought it was not a Halal shop, but went in anyway and saw Halal logo and was also listed in Zabihah website. I was spoiled for choice on what to order but finally came to a conclusion of a noodle dish and a chicken dish. Chicken, my fave.....Total only costs me around 75 RMB. While waiting for the food to be ready, i took a few pics of the shop and the owners with permission to take theirs too. Such a humble family, having a wonderful dinner together. Once my food was ready, payed them and say my goodbyes to the owners. Then hailed for a cab to get back to my hotel. My last dinner in Shanghai and it's a damn good meal i might add. Food cooked with passion and sincerity is always the best. And this meal was IT! Left my hotel the next day around 8am to catch my 11am flight back to Singapore.
Last look at my hotel. Rhea hotel located in Hanzhong Road.
The mad morning peak hour at the Shanghai Metro station.
PVG Departure Hall.
Malaysia Airlines A330-200. My ride back to KLIA.

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