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Monday, 8 August 2011


The 'makers' of Kirai_Licious are passionate about preparing roti kirai. :) Each piece comprises of 2 layers of the 'net'. Let the pictures in the album titled 'Packages Offered' do the presentation of our passion. Have fun exploring!
Roti kirai is good to be eaten on its own or with curry gravy or with minced beef fillings. We make fresh to order and to upkeep the quality, we recommend that our products are to be consumed within the same day. As a food provider, we are here to promote quality and freshness in delivering your order.

We cater to small events, with a minimum order of 50 pieces. We can recommend different kirai types to cater to your special event.

Our recommendation as follows:

We cater for birthdays, kenduri’s, house warming and other parties. With an option of ‘Kirai with Curry’ or ‘Kirai Rolls’.

Kirai Rolls’ condiments are minced beef with potatoes and mixed vegetable fillings. It is easy to be eaten on its own! Our roti kirai consists of 2 layers of the ‘net’.

Kirai with Curry’. Do it the old, fashion way- dip the roti kirai with curry! With a choice of Chicken or Beef Curry. To make it tastier, we will throw in 5 more pieces of 'Roti Kirai' free! You know, even food are best eaten when it comes with cost-free 'extras'!

General Information
Package A:
Kirai Roll
Quantity: 50 pieces
Perks: FREE 2 pcs for every 50 pieces ordered
$30 per 50 pieces

Package B1 or C1:
Roti Kirai
Quantity: 50 pieces
Perks: FREE 5 pcs of for every 50 pieces ordered
Prices at $35 with choice of (B1) beef or $30 with choice of (C1) chicken curry

Optional: Egg salad for $6 per tray
( consists of eggs, tomatoes,cucumbers, salad sauce)

Package D
Roti kirai only
Quantity: 50 pieces
FREE 5 pcs for every 50 pieces
$15 per 50 pieces

Other charges:
Delivery charge is free for eastern areas and is chargeable at $15 for northern/southern/western part of Singapore. Self- collection can be arranged.
Price Range
$$$ (30-50)
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